Options for Motorized Window Treatments for Homes Near Newton, Massachusetts (MA) with PowerView

Options for Motorized Window Treatments for Homes Near Newton, MA

The next time you start your home interior design project, don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your home with your windows. Choosing custom motorized window treatments from Hunter Douglas means that you have your pick of eye-catching styles, customizable options, and innovative solutions. If you’re looking to change up more than just how your home looks, you can choose from a wide range of advanced motorized operating systems that can dramatically enhance the way you live life at home.  

SoftTouch™ Motorization

The SoftTouch™ Motorization operating system is simple, clean, and minimal, yet the difference it can make in your home is very substantial. From an appearance standpoint, this system replaces any cords on your window coverings with a sleek wand, creating a more streamlined look for your home. The wand design also works to enhance the level of safety in your home. Hanging cords sometimes become hazards for children and pets, but the wand design keeps your windows safe for every member of your household. Plus, this motorized system makes adjusting your window coverings effortless, with only a push or a pull needed to get your ideal level of shade or privacy at any given moment.

Vertical Motorization

Your largest windows and your sliding glass doors often provide the best views in your entire home. Yet, the large expanse also results in the most effort when it comes to adjusting your home window treatments. You can replace the manual operating system with an electronic system that fully adjusts your vertical window treatments in seconds. The vertical motorization operating system lets you control your large window coverings with a remote control or a wall-mount for enhanced safety and convenience in each room.

PowerView® Motorization Operating System

Experience the ultimate level of convenience for your home with the PowerView® Motorization operating system. This incredibly easy to use operating system comes with a vast array of options that make life in your home easier than ever. You also get to maintain the uncluttered and stylish look of your shades, blinds, or shutters with this advanced motorized operating system. The battery-powered motors don’t alter the appearance of your window coverings in any way, keeping your home looking amazing.

Get complete control over your home window treatments from the palm of your hand. The PowerView® app is available for your smartphone or tablet and allows you to precisely control every window in your home from anywhere in the world. Other features like scene settings, voice commands, and scheduling allow for even more advanced automation.

With the PowerView® Motorization operating system, all of your home windows can be styled to your liking with complete light control thanks to the remote connection. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a safe home for everyone.

At Barrow’s Custom Window Treatments, we are proud to offer a wide range of options for motorized window treatments from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Newton, MA and serve Eastern Massachusetts, including Cambridge, Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Brookline, Boston, and Westwood. Visit our showroom today to find your ideal motorized window treatments.