Custom Silhouette® Window Shadings

Silhouette® Window Shades

There are very few window treatments that can filter out the harsh rays of the sun and manage light the way Silhouette® can. These shades are known for their ability to transform natural light and create an enjoyable ambiance in any room, no matter how much sun enters through the windows. For more than 25 years, Silhouette® has been the gold standard for light diffusing sheer window coverings in homes across the country.

How They Operate

Thoughtfully designed to provide not only superior light diffusion, but also adjustable levels of privacy and view to the outside, Silhouette® features unique adjustable S shaped vanes that look like they’re floating between two sheer pieces of fabric. To adjust view, light and privacy, simply tilt the vanes to the perfect setting.

UV Protection

Due to their ability to filter and diffuse light, Silhouette® Window Shadings help to protect the interior of your home from damaging UV light, including flooring, artwork and furniture. Depending on the thickness and color of fabric you choose, Silhouette® can filter out more than 80% of harmful rays.

Silhouette® ClearView™ Shadings

One of the latest innovations from Hunter Douglas, Silhouette® ClearView™ Shadings is a fabric choice that provides a superior view to the outside by using a unique design of sheer panels in both the front and back of the shade while still providing some amount of light diffusion and UV protection.

Silhouette® Duolite®

Another innovation from Hunter Douglas is the Silhouette® Duolite®. Duolite® is like having a light diffusing shading and a room darkening roller shade all in one. The roller shade portion and shading portion can be operated together or separately depending on the amount of light control and privacy you desire.

Alustra® Collection of Silhouette®

Available on Silhouette® Window Shadings, Alustra® is a special collection of designer fabrics, colors, textures and hardware exclusive to Hunter Douglas. For those customers who are passionate about design, this collection is exactly what you’re looking for.

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