Light Diffusing Shades

Ever have one of those days where the sun peaks in through your windows before your alarm even goes off and you just want to pull the covers up over your head and get even just a treasured few extra minutes of sleep?

It’s not often that we are afforded the luxury of sleeping late with our hectic lives but for those days here are some helpful hints on what is available to help block out the light.

Achieving light blockage similar to what most hotels have created usually requires using more than just one treatment. Every person has different needs and levels of comfort when it comes to darkening a room. Primarily bedrooms are the rooms most often consumers are most concerned with along with home theater rooms.

Light dimming products will provide light diffusion but not darkening. Opaque or room darkening treatments such as the Hunter Douglas Duette or fabric roman shades with opaque lining are great choices for darkening. Shutters and blinds offer dimming and the ability to diffuse the light by tilting of the louvers. We always remind our customers to keep in mind with any room dimming, darkening or opaque treatment there will always be some areas of “light leaks”.  This is where product layering comes into play. By adding fabric side panels or traversing draperies we can usually achieve great room darkening. Stationary panels will cover light leaks sneaking in on the sides but a traversing drapery with opaque lining mounted so that the fabric covers at least 6 inches over on each side and on the top will really make a difference.

If you really want to take it to the next level consider motorizing the treatments. The cost of motorization has come down significantly from a few years ago.  There are so many motorization options to explore…….but that’s another blog subject. 🙂