Setting a Mood with Window Treatments

Often times you hear of setting a particular mood in a room with the use of mood lighting, or dimmer switches. If you don’t have this available, though, you can make use of your Window treatments for a similar effect. Whether you’re looking to work, relax, or entertain, setting a mood helps create the ideal environment. So how can you use window treatments to set a mood? Let’s take a look:

  • Window treatments cool a room – Once the summer months hit, your house could soon become hot and uncomfortable, especially if you do nothing to cool the room, with respect to window treatments. You can close curtains that face south and/or west during the day to limit the amount of heat that collects and stays in the room. Make use of white shades to maximize this effect, as white will reflect light, and thus heat.
  • Control your privacy – If you have neighbors close by or if you live on a busy street, you might value your privacy a little more. During the day, you can probably leave your curtains or other window treatments open halfway. At night, on the other hand, you’ll want to close your curtains fully, as the lights inside will allow anyone a view into your home. Blinds are also an effective window treatment option, as you can filter the light, as well as what, if anything, outsiders can see.
  • Liven up a room – If a particular room in your home is looking rather drab, you may choose to liven it up, so-to-speak, with decorative window treatments as a start. There are many options to choose from, including floral patterns, solid colors, or another decorative pattern. You can also dramatically change the mood of a room just by swapping out window treatments. As styles change, you can save money just by changing the window treatments instead of revamping the style of the whole room. This is also a viable option for when the seasons change.

Window treatments are a great option to enhance the mood in a room. As you are looking to update your treatment of windows, you may decide that it is time to change your windows. If this is something that you are thinking of doing, you may wish to contact a local replacment windows company who will be able to show you a wide range of designs to give your home a new and updated look. At Barrows Custom Window Treatments, we offer our clients a range of styles and options to choose from. We invite you to visit our showroom, where you can view our various window treatments, and talk to our experienced staff about which products will best meet your needs. For all your questions, concerns, and inquiries, call Barrows Custom Window Treatments at (617) 964-4580, or email us at